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Full programme description

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  1. World of Beverages
  2. Bar Service
  3. Fine Dining Service
  4. Terroir Influences and Celebrating Cuisines
  5. Managing Conflict


In this self-paced Maître D Program Certificate, we invite you to explore various aspects of the global hospitality industry. Whether your interests lie in the realm of beverages, the art of fine dining, the nuances of cuisine, or the intricacies of conflict resolution within hospitality, this study pathway is designed to elevate your expertise and deepen your appreciation for these diverse fields.

In the World of Beverages, you'll explore a comprehensive foundation of drinks knowledge, from spirits and cocktails to non-alcoholic options, gaining insights into their origins, production techniques, flavour profiles, and the latest trends. Alternatively, if your heart lies in the world of fine dining, our program reveals the artistry that goes into refined dining services, enriching your understanding and skills.

For culinary enthusiasts, our exploration of terroir influences and the art of celebrating cuisine will ignite your passion, while our dedicated course on conflict resolution equips hospitality professionals with the tools to navigate and resolve challenges effectively, fostering positive relationships and guest experiences.

Join us on these immersive journeys and become an expert in your chosen field, contributing to the success of the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Duration: 120 hours 

Learning Outcomes

World of Beverages

  1. Acquire an understanding of the history and origin of various beverages.
  2. Recognize the production process of various beverages.
  3. Discover the growing regions of tea and coffee.
  4. Recognize the difference between Scotch and Whiskey.
  5. Explore various beverage trends.

Bar Service

  1. Develop an understanding of the history of bar service and cocktail culture.
  2. Identify various bar types and their classification.
  3. Recognize the best practices for maintaining hygiene for bar set-up.
  4. Identify bar tools and equipment.
  5. Understand bartender duties. 
  6. Explore serving trends of various beverages and different cocktails.

Fine Dining Service

  1. Recognize various restaurant layouts within fine dining.
  2. Differentiate between various table setting techniques.
  3. Differentiate between various carrying techniques.
  4. Categorize various service styles.
  5. Understand the objective of decanting wine.
  6. Acknowledge the importance of upselling techniques.

Terroir Influences and Celebrating Cuisines

  1. Acknowledge the importance of tradition in terroir.
  2. Identify the terroir of wine.
  3. Identify the terroir of a variety of cheeses.
  4. Explore the history of various celebratory cuisines.
  5. Develop an understanding of the various lifestyle diets.

Managing Conflict

  1. Recognise the causes of conflict.
  2. Acknowledge the importance of body language for conflict resolution.
  3. Develop an awareness of conflict management principles.
  4. Identify the sources of conflict.
  5. Categorize conflict-handling styles.