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Managing Conflict - Short Course


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Full course description

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This course explores the art of conflict resolution, an essential component in cultivating harmonious environments within hospitality establishments.  Through a dual focus on understanding conflict management styles and uncovering the root causes of conflicts, participants will be equipped with practical strategies to skilfully navigate and resolve various challenges.

Whether you're a seasoned manager or an up-and-coming professional, this course offers valuable insights to foster positive relationships, elevate guest experiences, and contribute to the overall success of hospitality enterprises. Join us to refine your conflict resolution skills and promote collaborative excellence in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Duration: 24 hours


This course will expose learners to the causes and sources of coflict, highlighting the principles of conflict management as well as the importance of body language. Learners will identify the various conflict-handling styles and develop an awareness of the impact of conflict in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize the causes of conflict.
  2. Acknowledge the importance of body language for conflict resolution.
  3. Develop an awareness of conflict management principles.
  4. Identify the sources of conflict.
  5. Categorize conflict-handling styles.