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Financial Decision Making - Short Course


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Full course description

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Elevate your financial decision-making skills with our Short Course in Financial Decision Making. This course covers essential topics, including the feasibility study and the 'Decision Tree Approach', empowering you with the knowledge and tools necessary for sound financial decisions.

Across 32 taught hours, you'll learn how to conduct thorough feasibility studies, evaluating the viability of potential projects and/or investments. Additionally, you'll delve into the Decision Tree Approach, a powerful technique for assessing complex choices and their associated risks.

Upon completion, your ability to make informed financial decisions that drive success and profitability will be enhanced. Join us on this educational journey and equip yourself with the skills to navigate the intricate landscape of financial decision-making effectively.

Duration: 32 hours


The learner will measure what constitutes a good business decision by employing the Decision Tree Approach, while also exploring the essential features of an investment decision. Additionally, the learner will investigate the implications of management decision-making.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore the components of a good business decision.
  2. Employ the Decision Tree Approach.
  3. Assess implications for management decision-making.
  4. Explore the essential features of an investment decision.