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Financial Accounting and Reporting - Short Course


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Full course description

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In this course, we'll explore the fascinating world of financial accounting, including its various branches and principles. We'll also delve into the profound impact of financial statements on decision-making in the hospitality sector, building an understanding of their crucial role in maintaining a robust financial foundation.

In addition, we'll explore the critical function of financial reporting, ensuring stakeholders have access to vital company financial data for informed decisions.

Duration: 40 hours


Learners will be introduced to accounting concepts and principles to enable them to better engage with financial statements and reports. Learners will also build their understanding of the various steps in the accounting cycle.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore accounting concepts and principles.
  2. Engage with financial statements.
  3. Choose an appropriate accounting report for financial reporting.
  4. Understand the steps within the accounting cycle.