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Capital Investment Analysis - Short Course


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Full course description

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Throughout this course, you will delve into capital budgeting, gaining a deep understanding of the critical features that shape investment choices. You will explore the interconnected principles of compounding, discounting, and investment appraisal, equipping yourself with powerful tools to optimize financial strategies and align them with long-term objectives.

Furthermore, we'll dive into the world of investment funds, providing you with valuable insights into how capital is raised from various investors and professionally managed to achieve robust returns.

Lastly, you'll explore the fundamental concepts of payback, shares, and dividends, which play pivotal roles in financial decision-making. These concepts will empower you to assess investments, comprehend ownership structures in companies, and evaluate returns on capital effectively.

Duration: 32 hours


In this course, learners will gain an understanding of capital budgeting and recognize its fundamental features in making long-term investment decisions. Learners will be exposed to investment appraisal techniques. The learner will be able to recognize the profitability and viability of capital investment projects. Learners will also get exposure to various investment funds, payback periods, shares, and dividends.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Note the essential features of capital budgeting.
  2. Explore investment appraisal techniques.
  3. Understand compounding and discounting within capital investment.
  4. Investigate various investment funds.
  5. Understand payback periods, shares and dividends.